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Episode 6: "Straight Out Of The Valle

1. Stakz- Stakz Project

2.Team BdB Ft. Stakz & S.Wavy- Welcome To My Reality

3.Ambiorix- Bachata Love Song

4.Team BdB Ft. Jb, Stakz & Kool Kriz- Straight Out The Valle

5. Outro - Stakz

Episode 5: "Scratch"

*Special Guest -- Pier, European Bassist

February/March 2011

1.Intro - Dj Wave

2.Higher Learning - Dj Cruz Ft. Willy & Dr.Phd

3.Special Guest Pier Interviewed By DJ Rod Topic: Real Instruments Vs. Digital Sounds

4.Pins In My Soul - Peformed By Rhasean,Written By A.Rizzo

5.Guitar Solo - Peformed By Andre

6.Outro - Dj Cruz Tune Into Episode 6!

Episode 4: "The Road Before Us"

*Special Guest -- Chancellor Joel Klein

May 2010

1) "Josh's Jazz" --

Track by Josh T. MVHS Senior;

2) "Welcome" DJ Rod;

3) Song -- "It's Only Love"

Vocals : Oscar A. MVHS Senior - Piano : Mr. Rizzo

*Written by: Lennon & McCartney (1965)

4) Interview with Chancellor Joel Klein, NYCDOE

Interview by DJ Rod;

5) Tribute To Juandy -

Track By Juandy & Raymond, poem by Ebony G. MVHS;

6) "Crescent We Chill"

Music Beat : DJ Cruz - Vocals :Roger M. MVHS Senior,DJ Berroa & DJ Cruz