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Episode 2

Welcome to Episode 2 of WMVHS produced live at Marta Valle High School. Although the theme for this month's episode is "Love & Loss" we also acknowledge Black History Month with a tribute to Stevie Wonder as a prominent African American artist. Within the episode you also hear numerous shout-outs for Valentine's Day. Enjoy!!!
The Story:

1) Welcome -- Tribute to Black History Month
"My Cherie Amour" a rendition of Stevie Wonder's classic love song:
Vocals: Oscar A, MVHS Senior
Piano: Mr. Rizzo

2) "Warped and Twisted" an original poem
Written & Performed: Ebony G, MVHS Senior

3) "Punchy" an original tribute to a friend
Written & Performed: Hector G, MVHS Junior
Production by: Jonathan C & Roger M. MVHS Seniors 

4) Valentine Shout-Outs
Original Music Track: Jonathan C, MVHS Senior

5) Continuation of Black History Month, Tribute to Billie Holiday